Rollovers:, LEANHOG.std

05-07-2019 09:43
July 11th, 2019 the base contracts for :, LEANHOG.std will be changed.

 The resulting rollover will be applied to all open positions with the addition or deduction of swap points. At the moment of publication, the swap points for:


•             LEANHOG.std are long -765.0 points and short 750.0 points

•    are long -759,5 points and short 755,5 points


In addition to the information on the swap points correction, clients holding open positions are also advised to review their stop and limit instructions and adjust cash balances to a level that allows to maintain the positions after calculation of swap points. The corrections will be applied at the end of the trading session on July 11th, 2019. Trading hours for the instrument can be found on