Basic Asset Protection Principles


TMS Brokers participates in the compensation scheme operated by the National Depository for Securities, the purpose of which is to accumulate funds to cover withdrawals up to the amount specified in the Act on trading in financial instruments (Journal of Laws 2014, No. 0, item 94, as amended - hereafter referred to as the Act ). The compensation scheme provides investors specified in the Act with asset protection in the following cases:

  1. declaration of bankruptcy or opening of restructuring proceedings of the brokerage house or
  2. the final dismissal of the bankruptcy petition because the brokerage house’s assets are insufficient or only sufficient to meet the costs of the proceedings, or
  3. a statement by the Polish FSA that a brokerage house is unable, for reasons strictly related to its financial situation, to fulfil its obligations arising from the claims of investors and it is not possible to perform them in the near future

The compensation system secures the payment of the Client's funds, less the brokerage house's claims on the client for services rendered up to EUR 3,000 – representing 100% of the value of funds covered by the compensation system and 90% of the excess over this amount, except that the upper limit of funds covered the compensation system is EUR 22,000. A detailed description of the rules for the protection of clients' assets guaranteed by the compensation system can be found in the Act and at