Holidays in the following week

12-01-2023 12:15



trading will be disabled: US EQUITIES, ETFs, US stocks

early close 19:00:, US30.std, US.30,, US100.std, US.100, NAS100,, US500.std, US.500, SPX500,, US2000.std,, JP225.std, TNOTE

trading will be disabled:, COCOA.std, COCOA, COFFEE.std, COFFEE,, COTTON.std, COTTON,,, SOYBEAN.std, SOYBEAN,, SUGAR.std, SUGAR,, WHEAT.std, WHEAT

early close 20:30:, GOLD.std, GOLD, XAUUSD.stp,, SILVER.std, SILVER,,, PLATIN.std,, OILWTI.std, OIL.WTI,, NATGAS.std, NATGAS,