Choosing Your Investment

Are you wondering where best to invest your money?

Are you wondering where best to invest your money? Do you prefer a low risk option with an acceptable rate of return? Or do you aim for higher profits even with an increased risk?

Not sure what to invest in? Begin by answering the following questions for yourself:

1. Do you expect high profits from a proportionally low financial contribution? Consider investing in CFD financial markets and take advantage of investment leverage. This allows you to open a position with only a small percentage of a trade's value, but profit from the full value of it.

2. Are you interested in long- or short-term investments? Consider listed shares for long-term investments or choose the foreign exchange market for short-term. For a medium-term investment (from a few weeks to several months), investments in commodities are recommended.

3. How much risk are you willing to take? If you have high risk tolerance, go for the financial markets. They can deliver high returns and offer you a wide range of opportunities.
But if safety is your priority then choose deposits, savings accounts (both available either as short- or long-term investments), or government bonds (annual or several-year invesments). These are safer choices but the gain on them is not as high.

4. How much do you want to invest? Whatever your risk capital, the financial markets (the stock exchange, currencies and commodities), and deposits or saving accounts are available for you to begin investing immediately. Other areas of investment (real estate, antiques, works of art or wine), require a higher budget to begin – often hundreds of thousands of euros. The value of your initial budget will help direct the best choice for your investment.

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Choosing Your Investment – Popular Instruments

1. Deposits and saving accounts

  • both long- and short-term investments,
  • small but guaranteed profits,
  • almost zero risk,
  • investment possible at almost any amount,
  • fixed or variable interest rate,
  • Deposit account - almost zero profit in the short-term or with early disbursement. Saving account - the interest rate is fixed but lower than on a deposit account.

2. Treasury bonds

  • 1-10 year investments,
  • small but guaranteed profits – comparable to deposits,
  • almost zero risk,
  • investments from 100 EUR,
  • fixed, variable or indexed interest rate,
  • possibility of reselling bonds.

3. Investment funds

  • long-term investments, (normally)
  • large profits possible but at a fairly high risk,
  • risk of losing financial contribution,
  • flexible initial capital,
  • less time-consuming than the financial markets, but less flexibility around investment,
  • withdrawal of funds not straight-forward – subject to fund's rules.

4. Financial Markets

  • offers ultimate flexibility in locating funds: invest in the stock market, currencies or commodities,
  • long- and short-term investments,
  • investment possible at almost any amount,
  • high returns with low financial contribution possible, (through leverage),
  • risk of losing financial contribution,
  • withdrawal of funds from account is possible at any time, (the ease of monetization of assets).

5. Real Estate / niche alternative investments (works of art, antiques)

  • long-term investments,
  • high returns possible but not guaranteed,
  • small risk of losing financial contribution,
  • requires a high investment budget,
  • withdrawal of funds possible by reselling at any time.